Milan cannot be with uncomfortable Salzburg

Champions League Group E did not start as expected. If Chelsea lose their visit to Dinamo Zagreb (1-0) in the afternoon, Milan, another favourite to reach the round of 16, can’t beat Salzburg in Austria (1-1) either And despite losing players like Adeyemi, Aaronson and Kristensen in the market, it has reinvented itself in the hands of Matthias Jaissle year after year, continuing to rub shoulders with great European teams.Si también sigues el camiseta AC Milan 2023, ??haz clic en –, verás las equipaciones futbol baratas de varios equipos de fútbol, ??definitivamente encontrarás tus camisetas favoritas de futbol 2023.

nueva camiseta del AC Milan
RB Salzburg is ready to play with their characteristic high-pressure and fast-running game. Argentine Nicolas Capaldo had two strikes in the first minute, but with poor clarity Milan had to move quickly, gradually taking possession of the ball and taking control of the game.

In the 8th minute, central defender Pavlovic jumped at an untimely time to swallow the ball when he made a clearance. Olivier Giroud stood up to block Philip Cohen, but the angle was not large and shot into the goalkeeper’s hands.

Fernando and Okafor, nasty
Milan grew up in the game at the hands of Alexis Sallemax, and despite Salzburg’s dangerous strikers Brazilian Fernando and Swiss Noah Okafor reluctant to give up, a 1-0 draw was held between them. .

In the 28th minute, Fernando was expecting a rebound against Ismail Bennacer and quickly scored for Okafor, who put the ball in after Pierre Kalulu’s shot left. Placed between goalkeeper Mike Mainian’s legs and scored a great goal.

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