Benzema falls, danger «reborn»

Real Madrid started the Continental Crown’s defence in Glasgow on Tuesday, with a victory more pronounced on the scoreboard than at Celtic Park, a football temple where whites play for most of the game Both suffered a «green hell» in time, and they suffered more than necessary in the first half to settle after the break.

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Bad news for Carlo Ancelotti’s team is Benzema’s injury, but there is also good news: Hazard’s «rebirth», the replacement for the French striker. The Belgian was involved in the formulation of the second goal, Modric’s work, and signed the final 0-3 with a convincing performance that Real hoped would be a turning point.Si también sigues el nueva camiseta del Real Madrid, ??haz clic en –, verás las equipaciones futbol baratas de varios equipos de fútbol, ??definitivamente encontrarás tus camisetas favoritas de futbol 2023.

Benzema set off all the alarms when he was forced off the green at Celtic Park after half an hour and the French were at risk for the classic to be played at the Santiago Bernabeu in six weeks’ time (15-16 October). Although the white club’s optimism about Karim’s misadventures undermines the seriousness in Carlo Ancelotti’s mouth.

With a palpable gesture of pain, Benzema tried to keep going, even trying to sprint a move, but in the end he had to be replaced by a fake Eden Hazard amid concerns on the faces of his teammates and the bench. 9. Ancelotti put the ball in front of Rodrigo despite the young Brazilian striker’s performance, and it all worked out when he came on.

The risky bet couldn’t have been better for ‘Kaleto’, as Benzema’s injury looked so bad and Milito’s left leg discomfort kept him out of the field after the restart.

Hazard gave Real a hopeful goal and assist in the second half, with the former Chelsea man setting up for Luka Modric and the Croatian putting the game in the running with a fine goal from his right foot. climax. It was a goal in the Balkans’ 100th Champions League game and an early birthday present for the tireless footballer who will celebrate 37 «springs» on Friday. The time of Zadar’s genius is running out. Not for a Madrid that continues to triumph in its fetish rivalry.

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